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Music Spotlight
The music spotlight is designed to give local artist the opportunity to be spotlighted. All International and National artist had to start out as a local artist and it is our purpose to help promote them from local artist to national and international artist. Our goal is to help expose these artist to the upstate community so that the upstate community is aware of the Christian talent they have living in the area. We need to know who the future stars from the upstate are going to be and this is a good way to share them with you before they are elevated into the blessing God has for their lives.

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Business Spotlight
The business spotlight section is designed to give local businesses the opportunity to get the word out about their business. We want to let the upstate know what businesses are in the area so that we can get out and support them. Many times businesses fail because no one knows that the business exist and we want to take the opportunity to introduce these businesses to the upstate so that the Christian community can get out and support them. We are not “endorsing” the business, but introducing the business to the upstate as best we can.

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Church Spotlight
The church spotlight section is a section where we want to share with the upstate community some of the churches in the area. We will take submissions from our website viewers and will spotlight different churches. The hope is to not feature the same church twice, but to spotlight all the churches that wish to be spotlighted. We want the Christian community to know about other parts of the body so that if they are not comfortable with where they are, they can search for other options and can learn about the options prior to attending the services.

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History Maker Spotlight
The history maker spotlight section is just to make the Christian community more aware of history makers in the world and what they have accomplished. The history maker may be a Christian or may not be, but their contribution to the world was/is significant enough that we feel it should be shared with our viewers. There is not any specific qualifications or standards to be featured in this section, but it is the discretion of the management of WZUpstate.

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